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Our founder started his career in the moving industry eight years ago. Precisely in Manhattan, moving residential homes, and firstly as a helper on a truck. Going into people’s homes, seeing different lifestyles every day was an amazing experience and opportunity to learn about NYC. More importantly, learn all the characteristics and challenges of moving day that clients face. There were many things to be learned while working in two major companies in NYC. There was a lot of fun, there were lifetime relationships built, and definitely, things learned about the importance of a good organization and how much it can help individuals improve their lifestyles, achieving it by perfecting customer service and relationships with customers.
local moving and storage services
The blend of these eight years of experience working as a helper, driver, foreman, later as a salesman, sales manager, operations manager were all learning processes that resulted in the creation of Lifestyle Moving & Storage, a company excelling in providing local moving and storage services.

Moving fast and quickly

Our company was founded on fast learning grounds, always upholding the high service standards that NYC sets among industry standards and a goal to create a happy organization that customers love. We love having fun at work, and we love being in action, moving lifestyles all around the city.
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